Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Eleven Months Old

At 11 months Olive:
-Is everywhere. She is the fastest crawler.
-Stands up on anything and everything.
-Is a great sleeper and napper.
-Has 5 hairs. ; )
-Still has a goopey right eye.
-Likes dogs.
-Waves, gives kisses, high-five, points to eyes, nose, says dada and what?, talks all day.
-Likes to play with toys, but likes to play with things that aren't toys even more.
-Whines/laughs when she sees pictures of herself, babies, or dogs.
-Loves to swing.
-Likes swimming and playing in the water.
-Likes to eat and feed herself.
-Won't do her tricks when you really want her to.
-Cries every time we walk into church. How does she already know??
-Likes to get the mail and water tomato plants with me.
-Thinks rocks and sticks are toys but then wants to eat them. I pulled an ant out of her mouth the other day.
-Loves drinking out of straws and cups.
-Shoves her face into her elephant toy and rolls around with it on the floor.
-Will walk with me a little more if I'm holding her hand. Still isn't super interested.
-Has the hardest time on Sundays because she can't crawl in a dress.
-Will pull her headbands off if she sees herself in the car mirror.
-Likes to dance whenever she hears music.
-Watches the garbage truck every Friday morning.
-Has the cutest little personality and knows when dad and I are teasing her.
-Still does her sniffy nose that I love so much.
-Is still the happiest and most content baby in the world. We love her so much and can't even believe she is almost one!!!!

Loves: mom & dad, dogs, sticks, being outside, water, drinking out of straws, popsicles, climbing stairs, standing on everything, watching the garbage truck and other cars
Doesn't love: broccoli, sitting still, getting dressed, loud sudden noises

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