Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Weekly Update

1:: Olive got her first little cut on her knee. She kneeled on one of those black paper clips and her knee was bleeding pretty good. I had to put bandaids on it because it would get worse when she crawled, but she just wanted to pull it off the whole time. 2:: She can give high-fives when you hold out your hand. 3:: She is obsessed with sticks! We have a little light saber and a stick that belongs to one of her wooden toys, and when she finds those she will carry it all around wherever she goes. She loves sticks outside too. 4:: She can point to her eye, nose, and we are working on ears. She points to it on me too. She touches her actual eye and her finger goes up her nose every time, but we are getting there. 5:: She loves dogs. She will whine at them and want to follow them all around. But when she gets close to them she isn't so sure. 

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