Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Weekly Update

1:: Anytime Olive talks I will say what! In a high voice, and she started saying it around the house. She will say 'ahtt? all the time and it is the cutest thing ever. 2:: The one food I have found Olive to not be fond of is broccoli. When I give her pieces she gets this weird look on her face. I think it's a texture thing. 3:: On Sunday I was in the kitchen and I looed over and Olive was on the third stair. I walked over to see what she would do and she climbed to the top of our stairs like she'd done it a million times. I was so shocked and she was so proud! Now anytime she sees the stairs she bolts up them. So far she has such great balance, but I still need to get a baby gate. 4:: She has started standing by herself sometimes. I will notice it and once she does too she will get down, but she's getting braver. 5:: We went to bear lake for the day and she LOVED it. She wouldn't sleep on the way up, but she was actually really happy the whole day. She could have played in the dirt and water carrying her stick all day. 

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