Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Weekly Update

1:: Olive has started standing more on her own. Only when she doesn't realize it though. 2:: She will start watching shows, which is kind of nice when I am making dinner! 3:: I think she is growing out of her second nap, but still wants to go down two hours right when she wakes up. So it gets tricky in the afternoon. 4:: She pulls out a baby book we have each time she is in our front room and kisses all the babies on the pictures and laughs at it. I think she thinks the baby on the cover is her. 5:: We went to a parade for the 4th and it was so hot but she liked it. She haaaated the fireworks though. As long as it was in the distance she loved looking at them and pointing to them, but when they started over us she started screaming and was gripping me so tight I think she would have held on if I let go. It was also 10:00 pm so she was extra tired but we left right when they started. 

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