Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Olive June at 18 Months

Somewhere between 12 and 18 months Olive has completely transitioned into a talkative, social, crazy toddler. She talks alllll day long. She seriously repeats anything I say, and can actually say most words, she just can't say her l's.

mama, dadoo, baby, car, bus, wawa, water, glasses, apple sauce, sorry, see ya, jump, hop, sister, brother, bite, cracker, all done, i watch a show, no no (while pointing her fingers), dog, outside, slide, color, owie, soft, yum, bum, diaper, eyes, nose, boo boo, button, bubble, buddy, book, shoes, socks, shirt, eww, okay, park, flower, bee, birdy, sheepy, spider, baba, ninight, bye bye, hi, hey, what's up, boo, nana, grandpa, papa, da, emma, ben, mimi, i-i.... and I'm sure a bunch more I'm forgetting.
She is starting to string together words, too.

Can point to:
eyes, nose, mouth, ears, cheeks, hair, head, fingers, shoulders, elbows, button, boo boos, back, knees, toes, bum, teeth, tongue, chin

Animal noises:
dog, cat, lion, bear, dinosaur, bird, mouse, bunny, horse, cow, lamb, fish, monkey, ghost, santa, chicken,

Recognizes letters and numbers but just calls them all A. Can say ABCDE. And will repeat all the letters after I say them to her. The other day I said J and she said K. Can count to two by herself.

Loooooves to be outside, even in the snow.
Loves princesses and dancing like them.
Coud read books all day long. Just backs up until she's sitting in my lap.
Sleeps 12-13 hours a night. Usually a 1.5-2.5, occasionally 3 hour nap during the day.
Is getting a lot more hair everyday and can do a top ponytail.
Loves to color (on the walls, once. yikes) and play with play dough.
Her favorite things are dice, or any little object she can put into another container.

Can point out any star or heart.
Wears glasses all around and loves them.

Is a really good eater most of the time, and eats whatever we eat for dinner.
Her favorite foods right now are:
Fruit smoothies, chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, black berries, apples, chips, bananas, oranges, dipping things in ketchup, sausages, carrots, apple sauce, yogurt, juice, cottage cheese.

Has 4 front teeth, 2 in back (can't tell if they're molars) on top. 4 bottom teeth, 2 molars.

Favorite songs:
Wheels on the bus, Can't stop this feeling, dinosaur stomp, robot song, anything with a good beat she can dance to.

Favorite shows:
Mother goose clubhouse, baby genius on Netflix, dave and ava, goldie and bear, preschool prep, trolls

She is so much fun I never could have imagined having a daughter like her. She wears me out like no other but I am so grateful she is mine.

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